'Want to learn how to smoke?'

500°(Five Hunard)

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Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.
James A. Michener, writer

Star Heat Scale; 1 Mild - 10  Fire!

Supa Sauce

Gold ‘n Heat


L'Wood's Bar B Cue

'Cue' Lovers Dream

230°(Two Thuddy)

L'Woods Dripping' Sauce

Sweet Heat


'We Cue It Right!!!'

Signature Bar-Be-Cue Sauces



Let me show you how to prepare the best bar b cue ever!!! 
​I can teach you all the details of smoking meats to preparing the right fire. 

Lenwood (L’Wood) Daniels Jr.

Created from a special blend for those

who prefer no sugars or low salt.
Star heat 2

Sweet and sassy with a little kick! Sweet start...hot finish
​Star heat 6

Sweet n' Mild  

Star heat 6

Sweet & Sassy 
​Vinegar, brown sugar base, not too hot but it will sweat ya!

Star heat 7

Mustard, honey base that’s bold and sassy
Star heat 5

Vinegar base, kinda hot!
Star heat 9

​Brown sugar, honey, garlic base dedicated to
​legendary individuals my life. 

Star heat 1 

Mustard base counterpart of the Sweet Heat sauce.
Star heat 4 

For all the daredevils
Tools required: Fire Extinguisher! Using 6 different peppers,

it’ll burn goin’ in and it will burn comin’ out!!!
​Star heat 10